6 Week Metal Boot Camp, Class #5 CNC Plasma cutting, “Your will is my Command prompt”

Date(s) - 04/28/2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


We have distilled 20 years of welding and fabrication experience into six classes.

This is introductory, foundational coursework for novice and intermediate metalworkers. We offer advanced and ongoing classes for complex subjects like TIG.

Each class is offered for $160.00. It is taught every Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 4 P.M. with a lunch break.

We no longer offer the group of classes bundled under one price as this leads to an excessive rescheduling burden.

It is helpful to attend as many as possible in a row and catch the class you missed the next time it is offered. Please purchase tickets online and 24 hours in advance.

We provide all equipment required. We provide materials for curriculum based projects. This class supports individual project work within the described scope.

Minors 16 y.o. and up may attend.

Classes will balance theory with hands on practice. Our goal is to help you develop proficiency with the tools of metalwork in the most concise and effective way possible. We emphasize hands-on practice. Most classes are at least 50% hands on.

Computer Numeric control of plasma cutting sounds a bit intimidating, and possibly boring. We will make this opaque subject utterly transparent to you so that you can get started on that robotic army you have been talking about for-ever.

In this class we will cover:


  • Numeric control of plasma cutting machines.
  • What the machine can, can’t and can just barely do.
  • A comparison of Plasma, Waterjet, and laser applications, when to use each.
  • How to get jobs cut, how to talk to vendors, how to get bids.
  • How to produce designs and input them into the machine.
  • Managing undesirable consequences, warpage, and lost details
  • We will cut a figure of your design in up to 12″ by 12″ of 16 g sheet steel or aluminum or steel material you provide up to 3/8″ (.375) thick. Designs must be submitted 48 hours prior to the class, we will provide you with examples and specs if you wish to cut your own design.
  • We encourage clients to operate the machine during cutting operations. At the conclusion of class you will have operated a cnc plasma cutter and have a good working knowledge of the role of robotic cutting in an art, prototyping, or fabrication facility. This is a child, niece, nephew appropriate activity.
  • You will have time to grind or otherwise work with the design you cut.
  • We will accommodate work that fits the parameters described above and make arrangements to cut larger or more complex work outside of class hours. We do cut projects for clients on an hourly rate basis.

This class is taught at Hazardfactory, a 3000 sq ft working industrial arts studio in south Seattle. We are firmly committed to offering the highest quality instruction of this type. We offer a safe, actively supportive, ism-free  working environment.

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