Furniture making for beginners. 3/2/2019

Date(s) - 03/02/2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm


In this class we will be making simple furniture, coffee tables and bookshelves.

It is best to take the MIG welding intensive before taking this class.

We will cover, MIG welding, fabrication, using saws and shop tools, clamping up and making fixtures, grinding, drilling, oxy fuel bending and many other subjects.

This is a hands on class. Emphasis will be on working with the tools, and learning how to use them correctly as we go.

The goal is to orient you to working in a shop by doing so.

We will show you several reasonable projects that you can create. You can almost everything about the project but we will have only a few types of material on hand to work with. We are located close to suppliers that can provide you with any type of steel or wood material you might wish to work with. We have plenty of woodworking equipment.

We ask that people build reasonably sized projects of not greater than four-ish foot in any dimension.

This class will be much more open ended and less structured. We will help each client with their project and teach tools and processes at each stage of the project work.

We do not expect you to finish your project in one class. You can sign up for successive classes to complete your project.

We have limited storage, it will only be available for your project if you have signed up for the following week.

Here are examples of tables and items that you could produce in this class.


Image result for coffee table welded Image result for coffee table welded

Image result for coffee table welded

Image result for coffee table welded

Image result for bookshelf weldedImage result for bookshelf welded

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