Learn how to grind! Aka grinding for redemption.

Date(s) - 04/18/2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


All Welders GRIND!

Sometimes we grind to improve the finished appearance of a weld. Sometimes a weld must be ground out and re-welded. Grinders are also used to cut stock, slot, shape, prep and bevel weldments.

Grinding is easier to become skilled at than welding, however it is easy to operate a grinder incorrectly and if you have never been taught how to use grinders and abrasives professionally, you will be making costly and potentially dangerous mistakes routinely.

Did you know that Aluminum can be ground, sanded and polished rapidly?

A professional can grind out a foot of weld, from awful to perfect in about five minutes. An untrained operator will take from 45 minutes to several hours to accomplish the same thing.

This class will save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and frustration, it will also make you much less susceptible to injuries stemming from incorrect tool use.

Grinding is absolutely essential to every aspect of metalwork. you cannot produce professional work without knowing how to grind.

This is a fast paced hands-on class.

You will learn how to select and buy quality tools. You will learn how to not destroy them or yourself. You will learn how to select abrasives and finish work efficiently and perfectly. We will demonstrate electric and pneumatic grinders and answer questions about each.

We may spend a little bit of time welding badly so that we have welds to grind and shape, but this is not a welding class.

This class will allow you to improve the quality of your work tremendously and operate grinders safely.

We will provide earplugs, and everything else required,  please bring safety lenses if you have them.


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