Date(s) - 09/21/2018
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


IMG_9370This class is appropriate for both total noob and intermediate welders.



This is a non-technical completely stripped-down class. We are going to talk about safety for 15 minutes then put a MIG welder (wire-feed, or GMAW) in your hands and you will be welding!

This class is not about theory at all, our MIG welding intensive is much more informative. This class is for you to have  fun while you to check welding out.

You can opt to work with scrap for no additional charge, or get warmed up and purchase one of the kits at an additional cost listed below.

Prices and difficulties of the kits vary from easy to moderately challenging.

In this class you can bring two (2) people on one class purchase. This makes it a good date night activity, you could also bring a friend or kid aged 14 and up. We do not stock all projects at all times. Email ahead for best results.

 Flower,  very easy.

$15 after the registration fee.

A Self Defense Camille Flower.

Pteradactyl, pretty easy.

$40 after registration fee.


Make a wolfs’ head, very easy.

$35 after registration fee

Dinosaur, Velociraptor. Challenging, but possible for beginners. It’s better as a second project than a first one.

$135 after registration fee

Deer head. Very easy.
$35 after registration fee

Wall Dragon. Pretty easy.

$40 after registration fee

Blue Crab. Very easy.

$35 after registration fee.

Big Star. Pretty difficult. Plan on lots of grinding, this is an intermediate project.

Students 14 years old and up are welcome, but we do require that all students under 18 be accompanied by an adult.

Please wear  do not wear sneakers. Wear shoes with solid uppers of leather or cotton, and long sleeved cotton shirts, flammable fabrics do not mix well with welding.

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