Make Metal Furniture

Date(s) - 10/13/2018
12:00 am - 4:00 pm


Have you always wanted to learn how to build your own furnishings from metal and wood?

This class is open to everyone who has taken our 5 hour MIG welding intensive.

It is open enrollment and ongoing. You can also work on your project in the Practice Session for Returning Clients class held every other Thursday.

The concept is fairly simple, you show up and we will show you how to make your project. If you do not have a specific design in mind we have several styles that are suitable for beginners to make. This class is presented as a substitute to our “six week boot camp” and covers much of the same material but you will be making a project instead of focusing exclusively on technical proficiency.

In this class you will learn to use conventional metal and wood shop equipment.

To conduct this class successfully, we need to ensure that your project is of a reasonable size and type and appropriate difficulty. Not all projects will be a good fit for this class. There are many considerations that must be taken into account for this class to work as intended. Please read the following, we will not and cannot make exceptions to these criteria.

Project criteria

Your design is subject to prior approval, send us an email or sketch, projects may not exceed 4 feet in any dimension.

You will be responsible for buying and transporting  all material and fasteners and hardware you require. We advise using Pacific industrial located at

  •  1231 S Director St, Seattle WA 98108 phone
  • ​206-682-2100

We have very limited storage space. If you store your project here you must attend once per week. Any project unattended for 14 days will be placed outside for the metal vultures. We cannot store stalled projects.

If we store material here for you it will be tagged for you but we will not store it after your project is concluded.

We will be working in the teaching studio principally. The work surfaces are not large. Smaller projects are better first projects.

We will likely be running table saws, chop saws, and possibly planers. Expect this class to be loud.

Items which are not strictly furniture are fine, subject to approval.

CNC plasma cutting is not included in the class price but we can quote and perform cnc cutting work for you.

If you wish to TIG weld your project it will cost an additional $20 per session to cover gas costs.

No Spray-painting or painting in the studio. It is dusty and the results will be poor, plus, spray-paint is gross.

Class begins and ends promptly.

We attempt to have every tool possible, but we do not. We can only support you with the tools that are here presently.

Here are pictures of projects that would be reasonable for you to make in class.






Please bear in mind, more complex designs will require more time to make. We cannot and will not attempt to tell you how long a given project will take you to complete.

Thank you, we hope to see you in class soon.




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