MIG, TIG, and Stick welding practice and small project work.

Date(s) - 12/06/2018
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm


This is an opportunity for our clients to practice and improve their welding and metalworking skills. This is not a formal class.

Please see the calendar for dates and rates.

We will provide ad-hoc advice on particulars of using accessory equipment like the band saw and drill press, abrasive saw and so forth, again this offering  is intended to provide you with hands-on time rather than instruction.

You will have access to the type of welding equipment we have instructed you on. This session is not a substitute for taking formal instruction from us. We can provide a few tips here and there, but this is not a substitute for taking specific welding classes

In other words, if you have taken MIG with us, we can not help you with TIG or Stick or oxy-fuel in this session. We will be available to fix equipment problems and offer advice here and there, but this session is not intended as a substitute for the more formal instruction on the welding equipment. We will have several people in the studio, each with their own needs and questions and this makes it impossible provide valid, focused, formal instruction. We will provide tips and advice, but we won’t be able to spend enough time on any topic to provide real instruction on a type of welding or specific piece of equipment.

Class is sold as a session.  We will not reschedule or refund (this policy applies to this class, only).

Access to TIG welding equipment will  also require paying the cost of gas, tungsten and welding consumables which will run from $5 to $15 per hour over the cost of the session. Tig welding equipment consumes much more gas of a more expensive type so metering usage is the most equitable way to establish pricing. 

This class is intended for:

Running weld passes on scrap and getting feedback and advice.

Learning how to work in a shop safely.

Sculpture and found object work

Furniture making.

Making a project from one of our sculptural kits, these are not included in the session fee.

Learning about other metal shop and prototyping functions like soldering, electronic and robotic work, foundry work, milling, lathe and machine tool work.

Meeting interesting people and being loud near them.

Improving your MIG, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and SMAW skills.


Getting access to high quality tools and workspace.

Testing out tools and brands you might want to buy.

Getting simple advice on purchasing tools and materials.

Getting pointers on every aspect of metalwork.

Repair of reasonable sized items.

Making manageable projects that have no risk of causing human injury.

Materials, other than scrap, are not included in the session. We will sell from our limited stock on hand to you at cost.

Giving clients access to a broad variety of MIG,  TIG, Stick, and  Oxy fuel equipment as well as conditional access to welding tables, grinders, step and lever shears, punch press, pneumatic equipment, woodworking equipment including a table saw, bandsaw and sliding compound mitre saw. as well as abrasive and band saws, manual and cnc and manual plasma cutters, bending equipment, a lathe, mill and blacksmithing equipment.

This class is not intended for:

Formal instruction. If you show up not knowing how to use TIG or a type of welding equipment, we won’t spend the session trying to teach you, we will have other clients to attend to as well. We will be able to answer particular questions, but not deliver curriculum.

Formal consultation. Good design takes time and experience, we share these professionally, at a set rate, but not informally. We are not amateurs. We do not trade in favors.

Commercial work. If you have a large scale project or commission you need your own shop. Also, we are not offering to do the work for you while you watch and ask questions. This is offered as a way for you to do the work and get help as needed.

Work on, or repair to any project that could conceivably pose a significant safety risk. We are not suggesting that you bring in a motorcycle and try to modify or repair the frame.

Pyro and FX. We cannot support this type of work or safely discuss our own knowledge of the subject. Please do not ask.

We will orient you to the shop so that you can find, use, and put back every item you touched. You are expected to clean and sweep your work area to our standards, work safely, and co-operate with others in the work environment. 

CNC cutting on demand. We will cut for you for a separate fee but cannot include cutting in the basic shop access rate.

Session begins and ends promptly. We will shut and lock the door at the conclusion of the session. Projects always take longer than expected, triple your estimate for a realistic timeline.

Cajoling our staff to work on, or consult at length on  your project for free, especially Burningman projects. We are highly skilled professionals with  10 or so tons of equipment. We donate to Doctors without Borders exclusively.


If you are working on a project that requires storage, you will be asked to sign a contract outlining our terms. In general stored projects often get abandoned. If you plan on making anything larger than a grapefruit, you should also plan on attending every week.


Q: Can I bring in my own machine to get a few pointers on it?

A: You should arrange to bring it to a class on that type of machine or schedule privately.

Q: Will you spend the next 6 months working for free on my Burningman Project?

A: No.

Q: Will you answer my highly technical and subjective question regarding a particular paid project during this session?

A: Any question requiring more than a minute or any writing or sketching to answer is a consultation. We only offer consultation by appointments paid in advance.

Q: Can I use the plasma cutter to make a burn barrel or, lots of stuff/pretty much everything?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Can I grab stuff out of the scrap bins to work with?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I try all the Mig welding equipment to see which machine I like best?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I no-show at the last minute and ask for a reschedule?

A: This class is unlikely to be large, last minute cancellations will be too expensive to accommodate in this class.

Q: Can I bring another adult?

A: All adults must pay for the session, any adult can bring a minor free of charge provided they are working together and the adult is helping take responsibility for the youth.

Q: Can I bring a younger-than 16 year old?

A: We strongly prefer to work with kids of at least 16 years old. We have made exceptions when a minor is demonstrably calm, collected and capable.

Q: Your web page states that you provide an ism-free environment, What are you talking about?

A: The profession and industry of welding are male dominated fields. We believe that these skills should be accessible to everyone. We provide an environment that supports the learning goals of all persons equally. We firmly believe that anyone can learn to operate welding equipment with a high degree of competence and we hope to make it accessible to everyone that wishes to learn.  We do not tolerate displays of sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia or misogyny in our environment.  We are happy to fight for a more egalitarian society.















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