T.I.G. welding of aluminum, ferrous, and non ferrous metals; “And I thought Guitar was hard.”

Date(s) - 07/11/2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


T.I.G. also known as “gas tungsten arc welding” or GTAW is a very versatile, precise and technical process for joining almost every conventional weldable metal. It is principally used for Aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

In this $90  3 hour class we will focus on Aluminum and Steel. We will demonstrate how to work with other materials based on client interest.

T.I.G. is more demanding than most other forms of welding. It is considerably harder than M.I.G. (metal inert gas or wire feed or GMAW or FCAW welding) as the operator must use both hands and typically one foot, to control the process.

T.I.G. machines are generally capable of many different configurations which makes operation less simple than most conventional types of welding. T.I.G. machines are typically both more expensive and less available in the used markets than other types of welding equipment.

However, T.I.G. offers a far superior way to join every kind of Aluminum, Steel, Bronze, Stainless steel, Iconel, or Titanium.

T.I.G. is sufficiently technical and variable as to make self instruction extremely difficult. It also requires substantial practice to attain proficiency.

We offer this class as a way for our clients to develop proficiency as quickly and economically as possible.

T.i.g. is pretty expensive to run, our class costs include all consumables and materials required for practice.

We would generally advise clients to expect to take this class several, if not many times, in order to cement the physical and technical fluency associated with this practice. It is very helpful to be able to practice welding and then review theory alternately to develop this highly prestigious, rewarding, and technical skill.

T.I.G . is a pinnacle skill. There are no shortcuts. Knowing how to weld competently with every process and any machine is the hallmark of a highly skilled metalworker, fabricator and maker. T.I.G. relies heavily on fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Women tend to excel at T.I.G. welding. We have taught more women how to T.I.G. weld than the three local community colleges combined.


T.I.G. machine. This is a 310 amp output water cooled machine. It has many knobs. We will explain what they do.

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