Team Building Events


HazardFactory is happy to offer Team Building Events. We can accommodate up to 14 participants at a time, for sessions ranging from 2 to 5 hours long.

Many of our clients are in the tech industry so when we jokingly describe the exercise as a “kobayashi maru” it seems to carry the intent.

We will challenge your team with a problem that must be surmounted with inadequate resources in a field outside their expertise and evaluate their success with crushing real world metrics.

We have begun tracking the data of our clients so that, if you choose to, your team can try to beat the best scores of companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Amazon and Linkedin, all of whom have previously worked with us.

On December first of 2017 we will present a trophy to the Company with the highest aggregated score for the year.

Here is how it works.
We begin by orienting everyone to the welding equipment.

We cover safety in detail, welding is much safer than driving or working in a kitchen, no one will be terrified.


The group will have 45 minutes to work with scrap materials and become familiar with the machines.

We then break the group into two teams. Teams are given 30 minutes to design a “bridge” that must meet specific criteria.

Teams are given an hour to construct the “bridge”.
The bridge is then tested under load until failure, meaning we crush it.

The success of each group is based on the load supported (divided by) the mass of material used in construction. Values are compared, the higher value (better load to mass ratio) wins!!!

The twisted wreckage is available as a grisly trophy.

We can use remaining time, if any, to let people sculpt up a small take home project.

This exercise asks the team to:

●  Develop new skills under an unrealistic time constraint.

●  Implement novel skills in an unfamiliar application.

●  Think and work outside normal parameters as a team.

●  Evaluate success against crushing, absolute, real world metrics.

●  Compete against the Scores established by other companies.


We developed this as a way for teams to develop appreciation for the mix of hard and soft skills that support high caliber teamwork in a dynamic environment. People tend to enjoy learning welding skills as well because it’s actually a very powerful and, with good instruction, a surprisingly accessible skill.

We offer these (and other) team building exercises at $30 per person per hour.

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