TIG welding class, how to weld aluminum

T.I.G. stands for Tungsten inert gas welding, also called GTAW. It is a nimble, precise, and slow way to join a very broad variety of metals including  aluminum, mild steel, chrome-alloy, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and reactive metals like titanium.

ptg01222121TIG welding of aluminum is difficult and it requires practice and patience to master. This class will make a technical and difficult subject as easy as possible and greatly accelerate your process.

This is a small class of four persons Max. The bulk of the class time will be spent welding on mild steel and aluminum.

This class will show you how to weld aluminum with a T.I.G. welding machine. This is a very demanding process. We will demonstrate and discuss the process. You will spend the bulk of your time welding aluminum. We will also spend some time with Steel, but it is less demanding and we will spend accordingly less time with it.

We will provide you with an electronic handout after class to help you continue and improve on your own.

You should plan on attending this class more than once . It is offered twice monthly for the next several months.

You will get much more from this session if you have at least 10 hours of prior welding experience, or if you have taken our mig welding intensive previously.

You must be 18+ years of age.

You can expect to develop a solid understanding of the process by attending this class. It takes time to develop the co-ordination that tig demands. Think of this as a guitar lesson, we can vastly increase the speed at which you acquire this skill, but it will still require practice.

This is a class, we cannot support project work in this format without compromising the quality of the class.

This is a very small class. We cannot accommodate last minute cancellations with a complimentary re-schedule.

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