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Refer to tickets for time and dates.


Hazard Factory

Welding 102. 10 am - 2 pm (4) Sundays

This course is one of three month-long courses that we offer. The coursework is complementary but NOT sequential. Most people will miss at least one date, and the last Saturday is intended as a make-up class, the series is priced to reflect this.

Welding 102. 10 am - 2 pm  (4) Sundays
Welding 102. 10 am - 2 pm  (4) Sundays

Time & Location

Refer to tickets for time and dates.

Hazard Factory, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA

About the Event

Please read this description, like actually read it, fully, please.

(est. 2 min read)

We offer a Mig welding one, welding for noobs class, it is essentially an appetizer, this is the main course.

It can be helpful to take welding for noobs first, to see how you like welding, but it is not necessary.

We offer three month long courses, 101,102, and 103. Despite the names, they are complementary, but not sequential. 

Welding is a process of constant improvement. Welding instruction is about being there for your clients, understanding what they need to know and how to make the challenges as manageable as possible. 

We teach this materal in very small classes. We will always provide you with challanges and guidance that will help you continue to develop proficiency with every aspect of metalworking. 

We offer gift certificates to all classes.

This is a short course of Four welding classes for beginners offered on Sundays of a given month.  No reschedules of any kind are offered with this class. 

We priced this to reflect the fact that most clients are likely miss at least one Saturday per month. We do not offer make-up sessions for this series. 

Projects are available in the 102 class. 

The principal difference between this class and the 101 is that we will be working with more of the related, fabrication equipment,  you will spend 10-20% more time welding, and we will be presenting you with more difficult challenges. 

We provide everything required,  helmets, gloves, and jackets. Please wear good work shoes, not sneakers and maybe a hoodie.

This ticket is valid for the month purchased, please plan accordingly.

Clients will recieve plenty of individual attention and we will help you to meet your own specific goals.

After the first class, instruction is highly individualized. Classes are not sequential as instruction is individualized after the first session. 

Sessions do not carry over and are not credited if you miss more than one session in the month.


This is a series of classes for beginner/intermediate.  

We prefer to work with clients 16 or older.

This series of classes will equip you to begin welding with confidence and develop your skills rapidly and competently.

We provide a supportive, safe environment for all. Our commitment to egalitarianism is total.  We want you to succeed.

Topics will include:

How to make high quality welds in steel and inspect for and amend defects.

How to make and identify truly horrible welds and learn from them.

Welding safety, how to orient to machines, safe welding practices. UV hazards and the myth of the ground clamp.

120 volts versus 220 volts,  rectify, transform and triumph.

IGBT versus Transformer.

What is the RDA for 19.5 volts?

Voltage, amps and Watts see also, what's a watt?

Harbor Freight, friend or foe?

Should I buy a good machine once or a cheap machine that does not work several times?

Miller versus Lincoln, choose your fighter.

The paradox of the ARC, it's incredibly bright yet invisible?

Selecting electrode size and type, energy density versus postion, hand speed, and shield gas.

Correct settings for material thickness, mass and position, how to ignore auto-set for fun and profit.

Inductance, electrical phenomena? or, just too complicated to explain?

Setting up and troubleshooting wire-feed.

Regulators, flow meters, and welding cylinder safety.

GMAW versus FCAW


Our favorite mistakes and how to make them.

The importance of body position.

Good habits for great welds.

Contact tips, and tricks. Distance to work, resistance in conductors.

Short circuit, globular and spray arc transfer.

Hand speed, position and torch angle.

Forehand versus backhand, push versus pull.

Oh my god I stuck it to the table.

I can't like, see anything: Neuroplasticity and you, a brain learning new things!

The arc and the puddle, regulating hand speed and weld size.

Flat, vertical up, overhead, fillet and orbital.

Pulsed welding.

Welding problems, thick to thin, punching holes, distortion, porosity.

Evaluating weld quality with your friend the sledgehammer.

Stretch it to death, load testing under tensile.

Control-z for welding, grinders and plasma.

Overview and demo of the principal conventional welding processes, MIG, TIG, and SMAW (Stick)

In short, we will cover what a community college course would teach in three months in four sessions. We have had excellent results with ths approach.

Most of our clients will take courses from us, practice and work on their own, and return periodically to get help with specific techniques or questions.

After completing this course, consider returning for private instruction or taking our TIG class. Our make a thing classes are also a fun, project oriented activity, a great thing to do with the kiddo or Significant other, or maybe the niece, nephew or neighbor.

You may find yourself intrigued by the idea of bringing the whole office in for a Team building excercise so that you can quietly savor a competitive advantage.

Welding relies heavily on very specific hand motions, it is basically underpaid brain surgery. It takes TIME to develop this skill.

Clients are strongly encouraged to take this course repeatedly. The small class size ensures that we can work with our client very closely to achieve their goals.


  • Miller XMT 350
  • Linde v1253 300
  • Millermatic 251
  • Miller multimatic 215 (2)
  • Esab 3 in 1 215
  • Millermatic 211
  • Millermatic 175
  • Hobart Beta Mig 170
  • Millermatic 140 (2)
  • Lincoln Power Mig 140c
  • Miller 250



  • June welding 102 10am-2pm

    Class meets June 9, 16,23, and 30th

  • July welding 102 10 am-2pm

    Class meets July 7,14,21, and 28th

  • August welding 102 10 am-2pm

    Class meets August 4,11,18, and 25




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