Hazardfactory Frequently Presents: Power Tool Drag Racing!

Published on May 26, 2011

The Races will begin at TWO p.m.  June eleventh 2011 at the corner of 12th ave S and S Harney  across from Fantagraphics and All City Coffee in Georgetown.

Please show up a bit early and sign up. We ask racers for a 20$ donation, we ask everyone for donations, constantly.

We have had the pleasure and privilege of presenting this show to interested engaged and enthusiatic crowds with lightning fast reflexes for almost half a decade.

Please bear in mind that even as a member of the audience you have certain standards to which you can and should aspire. Feel free to be megawatt awesome, be the party, exude a sticky but undeniable charisma, otherwise I heard there is this great movie at the mall or something…..else…to do..

If you are at all willing to help please contact Rusty Oliver rusty(at)hazardfactory (dot ) org.

Many hands make light work and our day-of event workload has gotten steadily lighter every year thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of our friends and community at large.

HAZARDFACTORY will be hosting a few build and test days.  For example, this friday  the 27th and and tuesday the 31rst from five pm on.

Watch this space for dates, show up, make something, weld something, improve your racer, test it in a track, or just mock the competition and opine authoritatively.

Race technical data, rules-ish and so forth are HERE: http://www.hazardfactory.org/?page_id=185

We cannot do this without support, so if you love the races, this is who you really love.. and as long as they consent, well, that’s at least okay. Hopefully a bit better than just that.

Sara, benign dictator of Georgetown, Owner Calamity Janes

Larry, Fantagraphics Comics, a returning PTDR champion.

Scott, Nine Pound Hammer Lorrettas Northwesterner.

Erica, Duchess of Full Throttle Bottle

A Dogs Dream

Sandbox Sports Seattle

Georgetown Liqour  Company

Georgetown Merchants Assosciation

Secret Service Houscleaning. http://www.secretservicehousekeeping.com/

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