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It's not just a frame of mind, it's this scar right here.

Flaming Tetherball™, a sport invented by our own Rusty Oliver, has been played at Hazard Factory for over fifteen years, without incurring any serious injury to participants or bystanders. In the roughly twenty years we have been playing it, no serious injuries have been incurred.

We are forming an international league, currently, league members are able to play on a regularly scheduled basis using the rules we have developed to minimize the potential for injury to our athletes. 

For those of you who reflexively shout “SAFETY THIRD” congratulations, for the rest, please consider the fact that most sports have started as some kind of random thing people do. Think of say, polo, jousting, Nascar, golf, boxing, bowling, motorcycle racing and baseball. Sports develop by adding a few basic tenets, rules and regulations which help prevent injury to the athletes and audience.  Boxing gloves, athletic cups, mouth guards, helmets; these are tools that professional athletes use to help ensure their career is not cut short by injury. 

Flaming Tetherball is a sport, our league members follow rules that make the sport as safe as possible. Our experience has proven that it is safer than many conventional sports, like football or soccer. 

No other person, or entity of any kind is permitted to play our sport without express written permission. We retain the legal rights to the sport and the trademarked name and will assert them vigorously. 

If you wish to play Flaming Tetherball,  The process for becoming a member is described here. IFTBA Membership.

We currently host games at Hazard Factory.  You must become a member of the IFTBA to play. 

The schedule is updated periodically.  We are currently playing two games a month, these are rarely public. You must be a member or have a trial membership and a ticket to attend. Use the events page to find tickets. You must either be a member or have a trial membership to attend. 


We at Hazard Factory pride ourselves on our nuanced and well exercised ability to evaluate and cope with exotic risks. As such we are in a better position than most to evaluate the pros and cons of participating in a game involving a flaming object moving at high speeds. Ultimately, it is safer than getting into a car, or riding a bicycle in traffic, and these are things we do all the time.

Notwithstanding, there will be the strident self-appointed guardians of personal safety that will decry a reasonable exercise of personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness. They have no reasonable argument, lacking which, they have no authority over adults whom are ultimately responsible for, and far more committed to, their own safety.


Watch This Space for News!

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