It's not just a frame of mind, it's this scar right here.

flaming tetherball.jpg

Thanks to Sol Neelman of weird sports and Micheal King of King five news, Flaming Tetherball™, a sport invented by our own Rusty Oliver, is now officially a part of Seattle thriving subculture of Sports that people who have forgotten how to have fun basically can’t understand.

We are forming an international league, interested parties will be able to play on a regularly scheduled basis using the rules we have developed to minimize the potential for injury.

For those of you who reflexively shout “SAFETY THIRD” congratulations, for the rest, bear in mind that most sports have started as this kind of dumb thing people do, think of say, polo, jousting, golf, boxing, curling, bowling, and baseball, which at some point develops a few basic tenets which help keep the stack of bodies from obstructing the view and or preventing the athletes from developing any real skill as their injury rate is too high. Boxing gloves, athletic cups, mouth guards, helmets; these are tools that professional athletes use to help ensure their career is not cut unduly short.

We at Hazard Factory pride ourselves on our nuanced and well exercised ability to evaluate and cope with exotic risks. As such we are in a better position than most to evaluate the pros and cons of participating in a game involving a flaming object at high speeds. Ultimately, it is safer than getting into a car, or riding a bicycle in traffic, yet these are things we do all the time.

Notwithstanding, there will be the strident self-appointed guardians of personal safety that will decry a reasonable exercise of personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness. They have no reasonable argument, lacking which, they have no authority over adults whom are ultimately responsible for, and far more personally committed to their own safety.


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