Hazard Factory is an Industrial Arts education facility. Our risk mitigation is habitual, prudent, and ongoing.


While assessment of the coronavirus impacts have not concluded, we will continue to implement appropriate safeguards to protect our learning space.


We have been teaching small classes and private instruction for months now without incident. We and our clients wear masks. This is an obvious inconvenience, but dying is believed to be a more serious inconvenience. 


  • We teach classes of fewer than ten people.

  • We have excellent ventilation, which mitigates exposure to any potential airborne vector.

  • The facility is 3000 square feet, which is large enough to maintain 6 feet of distance between every student and teacher.

  • We have installed hand sanitizer stations.

  • We sterilize high touch surfaces.

  • We have a non-contact thermometer to screen for abnormal body temperatures. 

  • We know how to operate PPE equipment professionally, including face masks, as these are a constant in an industrial environment. 

  • Our staff adhere to stay at home guidelines.


We are treating this as a dynamic situation, our response is not static, we are keeping abreast of current developments and will modify our approach as needed. At present we believe we have met this challenge successfully.