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Owner & “Chief Executive Lunatic” of the HazardFactory. Rusty invents, experiments, and produces events. He often collaborates with local authors, engineers and scientists to produce new work. He is currently helping develop technology for competitors in the battle bots show and fooling around with plasma, hydrogen and high voltage as time permits.

Rusty has produced the Power Tool Drag Races in Georgetown for the past 12 years. He invented a sport, Flaming Tether-ball, which he debuted in 2003. Rusty also hosted "Weaponizers" on the Discovery channel and designed and built “Smash Putt”. He picked up welding in college while finishing a degree in political economy. 

Rusty is an artist and instructor with twenty years of professional welding experience. He has carried certification for Structural Unlimited welding.  Rusty welds and works every conventional material and has taught casting, machining, blacksmithing, electronic, robotic and foundry-work. Rusty has developed and delivered federally funded curriculum. He has taught tens of thousands of students. His students recommend him for his ability to make technical subjects accessible and fun. Rusty has instructed at the Coyote School students, Pratt Fine Arts Center, and South Seattle Community College and his own fully equipped 3000 sq ft sculptural metalworking facility, Hazard Factory.

Rusty is currently learning fusion 360, and operation of the newly installed Haas Vf3 machining center. He is also learning the far simpler programs used for cnc plasma cutting on the soon-to-be-delivered torchmate 4800 plasma cutting table. 


Rusty documents his art and posts several short tips and tricks videos per month to his Patreon account. Supporters have access to a library of videos that provide access to the same thoughtful and thorough instruction provided in class as well as getting a backstage view of  what we do and other perks. The link is at the bottom of the page if you wish to support, we deeply appreciate our Patrons' support. 

In his spare time Rusty is a single adult with no kids and hobbies that virtually guarantee a short but interesting life. 

Chelsea Kyger

Chelsea website photo.jpg

Chelsea Kyger is a metal artist, circus performer, and welding instructor. Chelsea has been an artist of many mediums most of her life, but found her truest artistic freedom working with metal. She specializes in creating metal sculpture from recycled metal parts and scraps. If you look closely at any of her pieces you will find an assortment of items, everything from kitchen utensils, to saw blades, and exhaust manifolds. She has a passion for waste reduction and she loves the process of taking old metal items that have completed their original life cycle and transforming them into something new and vibrant. She started at Hazard Factory using bench space for working on various art projects and is now instructing many of the basic welding and sculpture classes.


TC Pham

TC is an event organizer and administrative assistant and yoga instructor. Tc also helps inform our business policy and direction. She commits time to socially progressive issues. TC has a deep interest in gardening, community, and sustainability. She lives on an invisible dirigible which floats above Seattle. She is a cipher in a solution of enigmas, a whisper in a hurricane. If you believe you have met her you are mistaken.  

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Jon Ceis

Jon is on hiatus from buttons. He is currently exploring a new career in Lion Juggling and semi-autonomous defenestration. He volunteers with us and helps ensure that we continue to make the mandatory minimum of sense on alternate Tuesdays.

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