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We teach welding and related technical skills efficiently. We are committed to making these skills broadly available to everyone.  Most of our classes are appropriate for complete beginners, please read the class descriptions.


Our website is the easiest way to answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

 Our classes are ten or fewer people.

Our team building events are for up to fourty.


 Please click the Classes/services link to see what we currently offer.  We can teach any subject of interest in private instruction. Private instruction can be scheduled for individuals or groups.


We do not schedule with individuals on Saturday or Sunday, we only teach to groups of two or more on the weekends. 

Our instructors are vaccinated. We have not experienced any Covid infections among our clients or staff, likely because we have excellent ventiallation.

We specialize in working with beginners.  We support women and LGBTQ clients that wish to learn metalwork and welding.


We teach clients aged fifteen and older in classes, minors must have a parent sign a waiver. We will only teach clients younger than 15 years old in private instruction with a parent present. 


We do not offer technical certification. Our classes are intended to help you develop specific competencies efficiently. Please refer to the F.A.Q. for more detail.

 Please do not take TIG or TIG on aluminum if you have no prior welding experience. Thanks for joining us!


We start clients with Metal Inert Gas welding, also known as M.I.G. welding or wire feed or GMAW. This is the easiest process to learn and use. It is versatile and straightforward and considerably easier to begin with than any other process.

Begin with one of the following:

MIG Welding Intensive:  This is our most popular class for beginning and intermediate students. It is a five hour class and you will be welding steel right away!  

Make-a-flower: This class is taught on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. In this  2.5 hour class we will provide you with a variety of pre-cut pieces that you may fashion into a flower of any type. We will also provide some scrap if you want to color outside the lines.

Private Instruction: We schedule private instruction for $400 for four hours. We are generally available for private instruction from 10 am till 6:30 Monday through Friday. If you wish to work in a small group of friends, you can buy tickets for your session through the private instruction link above. The base price for the first person is $400 each additional adult is $150. Kids are free with a parent. We will teach you as much as we can about any subject we teach within the allotted time. This is a good option for people that learn best in small groups, and people whose schedule does not allow for attending our other classes. We will help you with project work, and use any tools required. 

Team Building: Our Team building exercises are intended for persons with no prior experience. Build bridges, then destroy them.  We ask for payment in full prior to the event. We will refund in full given 48 hours notice. If you prefer we can provide a custom project-based team event. Use our CONTACT form for inquiries. 

After taking any of these, you can continue with:

MIG Settings and troubleshooting: It can be difficult to tell exactly what is going wrong sometimes. Learn how to tell if it is gas pressure, wire feed, amperage, a damaged liner, misaligned drive roll, debris in the infeed guide, improper power supply, incorrect polarity, or any of a host of other problems. This two-hour class focuses on teaching you how to ensure everything about your setup is correct.  You will never wonder "What the hell is going on?" again, well, in this context anyway. Class is taught as an interactive game, you will handle the machines and learn how to correct problems. If you are considering buying used equipment, this class will save you days, or even months of headaches.

T.I.G. Welding: Tungsten inert gas  (tig)  welding is different from MIG. It is a more complex and versatile process and it is much more demanding of fine motor skills. It is capable of producing smaller more tightly controlled welds. It is the preferred method for welding aluminum. We will get you to the point where you are producing decent Tig welds in a few hours, but, It takes hundreds of hours to learn to use TIG fluently. TIG is a much more prestigious welding operation. (What is the difference between MIG and TIG, Which do I need to learn?) The comparison between each process is not straightforward, in many cases either machine could be used to produce the required work. While Metal inert gas welding (MIG, running either GMAW or FCAW) is faster, easier and generally cheaper, it is often less expensive and simpler to set up a TIG to run a particular process; like stainless steel, or aluminum, or bronze,  than it is to set up a MIG machine to do something similar. TIG is excellent for precision but slower and more expensive than MIG to operate. TIG is very difficult to operate in any welding position that is not flat, MIG can easily be used for overhead, vertical up, down, and orbital welding. TIG is not particularly portable or suited to fieldwork, MIG, running FCAW is very portable and powerful. TIG tends to work very well on thinner material it is less convenient for material thicker than 5/16ths. MIG is great for material that is from 1/16th to a few inches thick.  Ultimately, every welding process has distinct advantages and disadvantages and welding competency can only truly be attained by mastering MIG, TIG, and STICK (SMAW). MIG is the easiest to learn, and the fastest and cheapest process to run on steel. Start with MIG because it will allow you to work with steel right away. TIG is best for aluminum. You can take this or any class repeatedly.

If you take this class with us repeatedly, we will teach you new material each time and help you evaluate your progress. This is different from the MIG Welding intensive which is structured to cover the necessary foundational material.  Class is priced at an introductory rate. 

Womens' classes: We offer classes taught by women for women to help provide a conducive environment for learning. Welding is a historically misogynistic profession, we don't think women need to tolerate any bullshit just because they want to learn or teach a great skill. Women tend to pick up welding quickly and produce fastidious work. 

Project-Based Classes, AKA Make-a-thing: We offer project-based classes that teach the fundamentals of fabrication, each project is designed to teach clients the central skills of welding and metalwork. Some classes are more about bending, fitting, cutting, or plasma cutting and grinding. 

Custom Classe: Sometimes clients are interested in a subject we do not offer routinely. You can book a private instruction session for yourself or for yourself and a group of friends.  Please refer to Private instruction for price and availability.   We can also provide instruction at your place of work, just use our contact form to get in touch and let us know what you would like to do. We can provide you with fun sculptural or functional projects with prior notice, or, If you provide a dxf and jpeg file, authored in adobe acrobat or similar, we can cut your provided material on the CNC plasma for an additional rate of $3 minute per cut, assume roughly $30 to cut an intricate design in a roughly 4-foot square area and $1.20 per pound for steel purchased through Pacific Industrial. We can even help you work on your own project in a private instruction session. 

Projects and CNC cutting: We can provide you with fun sculptural or functional projects with prior notice, If you provide a dxf and jpeg file, authored in adobe acrobat or similar, we can cut your provided material on the cnc plasma for an additional rate of $ 3-minute per cut, assume roughly $30 to cut an intricate design in a roughly 4 foot square area.Test your skills against multiple machines, materials and processes 

Stunt Welding: Test your skills against multiple machines, materials and processes, represent your business, or tribe. Find out what you know and DON'T KNOW. Complete a series of difficult welding challenges and compete for the Grand Prize, a 24 pack of cheap beer and something to brag about to your friends. Hilarious, entertaining, probably illegal in some states, will get you dirty, might get you a date, maybe, no guarantees. 


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