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We teach welding and related technical skills efficiently. We are committed to making these skills broadly available to everyone. We will teach young clients if they are accompanied by a parent, and we happily teach adults of every variety. 
We are the most accessible welding instructional facility in the state. We teach more beginners per year than all three of the local community colleges do in the same period. 


We do not offer technical certification. Our classes are intended to help you develop specific competencies efficiently, rather than offering more general long term instruction as is done in a technical college. Please refer to the F.A.Q. for more detail.

All of our classes are described as beginning, intermediate or advanced. Please avoid taking an advanced class, particularly TIG on aluminum if you have no prior experience. Thanks for joining us!


We start clients with Metal Inert Gas welding, also known as M.I.G. welding or wire feed or GMAW. This is the easiest process to learn and use. It is versatile and straightforward and considerably easier to begin with than any other process.

Please refer to the CLASS CALENDAR for times dates and links to detailed class descriptions.

Begin with one of the following:

Quick Intro to Welding: A hands on practical class for beginners usually taught Friday evenings. This is a fun modestly technical class without a project focus  $60

MIG Welding Intensive:  This is our most popular class for beginning and intermediate students. It is a five hour class and you will be welding steel right away!  $160

Make-a-Thing Classes: These are project based classes. The price and difficulty of each class vary somewhat. Each ticket is for one project, but you are welcome to bring a friend, child or spouse to work on the project with you. The class is $60 plus the cost of whatever project kit you decide to make.

Metal Boot Camp: The classes in this group are priced individually and can be taken in any order. These classes are intermediate/advanced. The intent is to teach you the core skills of metalworking quickly. Each class is $160.

Private Instruction: We schedule private instruction for $60 per hour. We are generally available for private instruction from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Practice Sessions: Returning students can enroll in the practice sessions to continue to develop their hand skills and grasp of theory and technique. Clients may work on their own small project. Class is $60 surcharges for gas apply to TIG, oxy fuel, and aluminum MIG work.

Project Based Classes: We hope to offer more elaborate classes like furniture making. These would be offered at a lower hourly rate overall.

Custom Classes: Sometimes clients have a particular interest in a class we do not offer frequently or routinely. We encourage you to let us know if you want to take a class you do not see offered. We are happy to teach subjects that are less in demand like aluminum sandcasting, automotive body welding, aluminum mig welding,  cnc plasma cutting and general fabrication.  Classes will generally be $30 per person per hour plus materials if applicable. We are working on a scheduling system to accommodate this, any date and time not currently scheduled for a class is available for custom classes. We can also provide instruction at your place of work, just email us at and let us know what you would like to do.

Team Building: Our Team building exercises are intended for persons with no prior experience. Expertise would not hurt, but it is not necessary. We ask for payment in full prior to the event. We will refund in full given  48 hours notice.


7800 Seventh Ave. South, Seattle Wa 98108

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