Gift certificates never expire. It is best to purchase for the exact amount of the intended class. If your recipient wants to just try welding to see how they like it, the Quick intro to welding ($100, taught friday evenings) is intended for this. MIG welding intensive ($250 taught on Saturdays) is a perfect class for someone with a more committed interest in welding.  Clients with more specific projects or commited interest may benefit from Private instruction, (available in 4 hour blocks for $280). If you are unsure of what your recipient is interested in learning, private instruction ensures that they can learn exactly what they hope to and get all their specific questions answered. You can either purchase a scheduled session with our instructors, or buy a gift certificate and contact us to schedule. We schedule in four hour blocks 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm, and 5 pm to 9pm. We can teach anything metal related in private instruction sessions. 


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We start ALL clients with MIG welding. It is far better to begin with MIG than other types of welding because until you have stared at an arc for a few hours  your brain cannot process the visual signal well, as a result, you will feel like you cannot see the arc. This being the case it is either cruel or pointless or both to begin with the more physically and technically challenging types of welding. MIG is the easiest and most generally useful type of welding so there are very good reasons to begin with MIG welding and very strong arguments against beginning with TIG or Stick. 


We accept clients aged ten and up. Clients under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent. 

Use our contact form to get in touch and let us know what class and day you wish to attend. We will reserve your place. We do not reschedule.