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Our gift certificates never expire. It is best to purchase for the exact amount of the intended class. 


If your recipient wants to just try welding to see how they like it, The Make-a-flower ($110, taught thursday evenings) Is a great gift If your recipient wants to just try welding to see how they like it. The price is per project you are welcome to bring a plus one, whether it is offspring or a partner. 

We added the Automotive Sheet metal welding for repair class for auto enthusiasts. (150, taught on Tuesday or Wednesday-8). This class is discounted for the holidays. No prior experience is required, but it is highly advisable to take the Welding for noobs class first. 

Our Make-a-Thing (most projects are $220) classes are non-technical and do not require any prior experience. These are casual sculptural classes where we supply pre-cut parts for a project, and our clients create the finished work. 


Welding for Noobs ($250, taught on Saturdays) is a perfect class for someone with a more committed interest in welding.  

Noob to Ninja ($220) continues from where Welding for Noobs leaves off. Think of this class as a drop-in class. There are never more than eight clients and we will simply help you continue to improve your welding technique. The class is open ended, we can easily ensure that you will learn new techniques and equipment every time you stop in. 


Quick Tig  ($150) Tungsten inert Gas welding is the most difficult form of welding. We can get you informed, pointed in the right direction, and usually, producing credible welds on steel or aluminum in a few hours. This is a fast paced class. This is a technical subject. You should expect to take this class more than once. We will equip you with the technical framework that will allow you to continue to learn and practice on your own machine. This is an excellent class for you if you want to pick up tig quickly and get your questions answered. 

How to Grind ($110) Welding is much safer than carpentry, but grinding can be dangerous unless you understand how to use the tools. This class teaches all manner of abrasive work. The quickest, and more or less only, way to produce quality work is to know how to grind. It is impossible to do good work without knowing how to use a grinder and what other equipment is available. 

Make-a-Monster ($100) This class is intended for kids. It is not technical. Instead the goal is to put welding equipment into kids' hands, this is a sneaky but effective way to get kids interested in mechanical and electrical engineering as well as allowing them to explore a new artistic medium, to which access is often difficult. We will weld up scrap and pre-cut shapes into "monsters" this makes a great birthday party. Offered by request.  

Clients with broader interest may benefit from Private instruction, (available in 4 hour blocks for $400). If you are unsure of what your recipient is interested in learning, private instruction ensures that they can learn exactly what they hope to. 


You can either purchase a scheduled session with our instructors, or buy a gift certificate which can be scheduled by clicking the Redeem a Gift Certificate tab in the ticket section on the appropriate class, or selecting from the scheduled dates you and letting us know using the Contact form, we will then  reserve your spot.


We schedule private instruction on weekdays in four hour blocks 10am-2pm, and 2:30pm-6:30pm. We do not offer private individual instruction on weekends, however we will schedule for private lessons with two or more people, after 3:30pm on the weekends.


Use the contact form to get in touch if you have questions about how to schedule your gift certificate. 


 Gift certificates are valid for any class of the same value.


We start ALL clients with MIG welding. It is far better to begin with MIG than other types of welding because until you have stared at an arc for a few hours  your brain cannot process the visual signal well, as a result, you will feel like you cannot see anything. This being the case, it is either cruel or pointless or both to begin with the more physically and technically challenging types of welding. MIG is the easiest and most generally useful type of welding so there are very good reasons to begin with MIG welding and very strong arguments against beginning with TIG or Stick.


Plan on at least 20 hours of instruction if you want to learn how to weld aluminum, it is very different from steel.


We accept clients aged ten and up. Clients under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent. Parent must be able to sign a waiver on behalf of the minor.

Use our contact form to get in touch if you have any questions.  We do not reschedule. 

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