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Hazard Factory is happy to offer Team Building Events. We’ve worked with Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Go Daddy, Boston Consulting Group, Oculus, Leviathan, Adobe and other local companies.

This exercise asks your team to:

  • Develop new skills under an unrealistic time constraint.

  • Implement novel skills in an unfamiliar environment.

  • Think and work outside habitual parameters as a team.

  • Evaluate success against peer established real world metrics.

  • Confront and overcome rational, but modest fear.


We can generally schedule Team building any day of the week between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Use the contact form to let us know two or more dates that would work for your group and we will schedule with you directly. 

We have plenty of parking.

We jokingly refer to the class as the “Kobayashi Maru” class. We begin by orienting everyone to the welding equipment. We cover safety in detail so no one will be anxious, as welding is actually much safer than driving or working in a kitchen. The group will have about 30-45 minutes to work with scrap materials and become familiar with the machines. We then break the group into two teams. Teams are given 20 minutes to design a “bridge” that must meet specific criteria. Teams are given about an hour to construct the “bridge”. The bridge is then tested under load until failure, meaning we crush it. The success of each group is based on the load supported (divided by) the mass of material used in construction. Values are compared, the higher value (better load to mass ratio) wins!!! The twisted wreckage is available as a grisly trophy.


As a new feature we have begun tracking the data of our clients so that, if you choose to, your team can try to beat the best scores of companies like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Godaddy, Amazon, Oculus, Facebook, Vulcan, Boston Consulting Group, and Linkedin, all of whom have previously worked with us.

We can accommodate groups of up to 40 people.


Pricing is $90 per person plus tax, please allow 3.5 hours for the session. Smaller groups will tend to require a little less time. 

Let us know what size your group is and we will post a ticket for you, that is priced appropriately. 

We request prior payment in full to secure your reservation. We will refund your reservation in full if we are provided with 48 hours notice written notice. We typically send a payment request through Square or accept payment via credit card over the phone. We will send a pdf receipt to your email by request.

We supply all required tools and equipment. Participants are asked to wear warm clothes, shop-worthy shoes with cotton or leather uppers and a cotton hoodie or work shirt with long cotton sleeves. You may wish to bring snacks.

Schedule a Team Build


  • Schedule a Team Build!
    Time is TBD
    Hazard Factory
    We will be building steel "Bridges" and testing them till they fail catastrophically. The gross weight of the bridge will be compared to the load at failure to produce a strength to weight ratio. The team to achieve the highest strength to weight ratio WINS! We call this the Kobayashi Maru class.
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