RescHedule and refund policies


We Do Not  Reschedule.

If you cannot make your appointment, for any reason, at any time, we will refund 50% of your ticket at our sole discretion. Reschedules are a huge, unnecessary overhead that can only be avoided by categorically refusing to reschedule. If we are not provided with at least 48 hours notice we will not refund. There are no refunds for privately scheduled classes. 

It is not in our best business interests to reschedule clients. If you have a volatile schedule, please wait until you are certain you can attend a given time and date.


By the time a scheduled class begins, we have already expended considerable resources to prepare for our appointment with you and chances are we will not be able to fill a vacancy, which leaves us unable to meet financial obligations despite being ready to deliver the promised service.  The more lenient our policy in this regard, the more likely we are to spend an excessive amount of time rescheduling.

Please provide us with the correct name and correct billing information used to make your reservation if you are unable to attend.  

Our policies are slightly different for team building and birthday party reservations- please refer to those listings for details.

Thank you for your consideration.