Frequently Asked Questions


What do you teach?

We provide technical instruction to clients and team building exercises. We teach every type of conventional welding and a variety of related subjects relating to metal work and industrial art. Please review our list of classes for details.We are a very small flexible company and we readily respond to client requests, these have included birthday parties, photo and video shoots and private events. We have worked with HTC on a cell phone ad, and Amazon web services for an ad and presentation. Rusty has film credits with the Discovery Channel and in the film industry. Most of our classes and instruction cost roughly $30/person per hour and include all required materials and consumables.We will happily teach to any subject we feel capable of instructing. If you do not see a subject offered, please ask.

What can I make?

We generally have kits that can be purchased to weld up in a class. If you wish to work on a project that we did not design or offer, this can only be done in private instruction. We do not have any other option for project work at this time. If you wish to get help with a project, let us know. This option is not intended as a way for clients to get fabrication work accomplished. In other words, this is for sculptural and project work as opposed to using private instruction to bang out commercial work, I mention it becasue we offer private instruction at a rate that is lower than commercial fabrication would typically charge.

What equipment do you have in the Studio?

The teaching studio has 12 Mig welding machines, (FCAW, GMAW) ranging from 90 to 350 amp output, single and three phase. We also keep four tig welders (GTAW) , the largest having a 310 amp output. We have three oxy-fuel set ups, two stick welders (SMAW) several forges, four drill presses and two abrasive saws, two horizontal band saw, two lever and one step shear, a hand held and cnc plasma cutter, a foundry, sand mulling machine, a 4k lb milling machine, a metal lathe, many grinders, several vises and 500 square feet of work surface.

Is this a Makerspace?

Hazardfactory is an industrial arts studio which provides high quality focused instruction in welding metalwork and related topics. We are not a member owned, member driven environment. We are a small, responsive business. We are significantly different from most makerspaces in that we provide access to expensive industrial grade equipment that can be used to make or modify virtually anything, most of the work happens without a keyboard, and we are still in business. There are few if any Makerspaces that provide access to welding equipment. The few that do are subsidized heavily in ways we specifically are not, and are not designed to be a conventional business, but are in fact long term investments based on real estate tax sheltering mechanisms. This offering is a way for us to better serve our community, and help people learn and develop new skills while making awesome! It is worth remembering that the chief object of a makerspace is to provide cheap access to tools for members so that beginners can get hold of and subesquently destroy very expensive tools. This type of business model fails frequently.


What are your reschedule/refund policies?

We cannot reliably fill vacancies with less than three weeks notice, every reschedule and cancellation is simply lost revenue that we cannot sustain. If you have a volatile schedule, we often have vacancy even up till the last minute it may be best to ensure you don’t need to change plans at the last minute. Thank you for your consideration.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all gear needed for welding, includes gloves and a welding helmet. Dress as if you were outside. Wear long sleeves and pants that you don’t mind getting dirty. White is never in fashion here. Clothing should be composed of natural fibers (cotton, wool, etc). Synthetic materials (nylon) have the potential to melt in dangerous ways. You must wear shop appropriate shoes that have solid cotton or leather uppers. Work boots are preferred, but sneakers without nylon/synthetic tops are fine. Bring a full water bottle, snacks (if you like), and a lunch for longer classes.

Can I bring my child?

Enrolled children aged ten and up are permitted to attend with a parent. The environment is loud. This is a challenging but not impossible environment for supervised kids. We ask that other arrangements be made for children that are not actively participating in the class. Hazardfactory is not an environment for unsupervised children.

Can I bring my dog?

Your dog will be unhappy, please leave your dog at home or with a qualified dog technician.

What is the minimum age required to take a class?

Most of our classes are suitable for students 16 years old and up. Students as young as ten may attend with a parent. Specifically, our short beginner classes are best suited for younger students. The 'Quick Intro Class' is definitely the best one to start with for kids. See our current classes for details.

Do you Offer certification or longer term formal instruction?

We do not. Our classes are generally for people that are welding and working metal for personal and professional reasons, but not seeking certification.

Do you provide work, or consultation of any kind, without compensation?

We are frequently asked to “collaborate” with parties that lack equipment, experience, and the ability to pay our rate. We work exclusively for adequate financial compensation paid promptly at contractually specific intervals. We are not kindly disposed toward requests for free help or consultation on Burning man projects. Buringman has many unacknowledged and utterly toxic effects on the arts community, particularly in getting paid as a working artist. We cannot provide mobile welding. We will not bid work. Consultation is $60 per hour in house, paid in advance. It is not in our best interest to discuss work outside of a scheduled consultation, at a party or a bar for example. We prefer to be prepared and offer formal solutions and focused attention. Unscheduled, impromptu and drop in meetings severely impact our business and affect our ability to maintain rewarding friendships and spend time with family. We reserve the right to be “off the clock”.

What are your Team Building exercises?

We have provided our team building exercises to Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Zillow, Godaddy, Boston Consulting Group, Zegram adventure travel, and MOZ. Learn more here>>

Are your welding classes wheelchair accessible?

Yes we are. We can set a station to your preferred work height if we are provided with this information beforehand. The facility has a loading ramp so access is good. Our bathroom is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. If asked, we would definately go above and beyond in order to facilitate a learing experience for an alter-abled individual.


Who can rent shop time?

Either no-one or Beyonce, but she hasn’t asked.

Can I store my project there?

Work can be stored only if it a: fits on a shelf or under a table b: is not larger than a person c: you will return to work on it the following week. All projects will be tagged with a date, any project that has not been worked on for two consecutive weeks will be put outside. We do not provide a reminder service. This policy is necessary to ensure the working space remains clear. No exceptions will be made.

Do you sell materials?

No. But, we are located near Pacific Industrial, and metal shorts. Both businesses supply conventional metal materials. We provide materials for project classes. We do not sell materials the way a company like Seaport, or Bloch Steel or Pac Industrial does.

Do you have a waterjet or plasma cutter?

We keep a 4 x 8 cnc plasma cutter in the shop. It is located by a crane and it can cut +/-3/8″ steel, aluminum and copper. We work with a waterjet company frequently, we can have work quoted if you wish to have material water-jetted.

Is it safe?

The shop and equipment were set up to be as safe as possible. We will guide you on all safety precautions during our classes and workshops. Nothing is truly safe, we are all going to die. In the meantime, everything is a calculated risk.