Please email: or  if you have any questions or for more information.

As stated elsewhere on this site, we do not  reschedule. If you cannot make your appointment, for any reason, at any time, we will refund 50% of your ticket. You are then free to reschedule to any date and time you believe you can attend. We have offered a much more lenient policy in the past, we do not believe it served our best interest or those of our clients. 

People get sick, traffic is real, babysitters are hard to find… none of this alters the fact that we cannot reliably fill any cancellation without 2 weeks, or more, advance notice  and we have already laid out capital for rent, consumables, materials, and dedicated the time.

Reschedules are an enormous pain in the ass and we have to enact policies that allow us to survive as a small business.

We are located at the easternmost bay of the Olympic Steel Door building on Chicago st. Look for the Shipping Container  at the Easternmost end, we are just past it.

The Building address is on 7th ave which is stupid but not our doing.

The largest sign on the building reads “Lumenomics”.

We are a small business, we cannot accommodate unscheduled meetings of any kind. If we offered “tours” that would rapidly become the only thing we do. We understand that it is helpful to meet instructors before committing to a class but we have no solution.

Unless we make specific agreements, we do not consult or offer information without an appointment and compensation. Google is a reasonable way to get free information. Calling an expert on their personal time is not.

Please use the website to answer your questions when possible.

We are unable to provide consistent support by phone. The largest sign on the building reads “Lumenomics”.


7800 7th Ave S
wa, 98108