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For organizations in the Architecture industry, Hazard Factory offers a workshop that demonstrates and explains each of the most conventional methods of welding including MIG, Stick, TIG and oxy fuel. We advise on the strengths, weaknesses and applications of each process. The goal is to provide your team with information and experience that will enhance their confidence and competitiveness within the industry.

We request prior payment in full to secure your reservation. We will refund your reservation in full if we are provided with 48 hours written notice. We typically send a payment request through Square or accept payment via credit card over the phone. 

This curriculum is completed in 4 hours, where colleagues spend 40% of the time learning relevant knowledge and 60% practicing new skills. All tools, consumables and materials are provided by Hazard Factory.

  • Overview of welding safety and personal protection

  • Demonstrations of each type of welding 

  • Work in smaller teams to weld with each process, then rotate.teams from one process to the next.

  • Test welding quality

  • Demonstrate and work on additional methods

  • Q&A break session

  • Discuss spray arc transfer, plasma cutting. 

  • Demonstration of CNC plasma cutting 

The cost of this curriculum is $100 per person plus tax.

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