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Our 10-week curriculum is intended for students that are interested in pursuing mechanical and Aerospace engineering. Applicants will be asked to submit a short essay explaining their interest in these subjects and the career track they are currently considering.
Classes will be held Monday through Friday 12PM - 5PM. Postponed till 6/1/2021

The course will cover welding, metallurgy, engineering, fabrication, cnc plasma cutting, high and low voltage electrical work, machining, and related skills.

The cost of enrollment is $500/week. 

Classes will be principally hands-on and students will get a chance to share peer-to-peer feedback. Each week will focus on a topic or group of topics, where concepts will be explained, and demonstrated. Students will then be asked to produce a project based on what they learned, either individually or as part of a team. Some coursework may involve research, writing, and the occasional take home test.

We will periodically invite speakers that work in related industries to engage with the class remotely--like Christina Sporrong (Industrial Artist), Craig Connorton (Supervisor of Dragon Engines program), and many others. Craig will also be present at Friday classes, so students will have regular access to  the supervisor of the rocket program at the most prestigious aerospace facility in the world.


We will not be grading, but we will require students to complete all assignments. We will provide letters of recommendation to a college or employer if requested. 

We will periodically ask students to submit a proposal for a project they wish to make, following the format of individual learning contracts. Projects must have a learning objective, a timeline with benchmarks, and a self-evaluation upon completion.

Contact us to request details on how to enroll, the course syllabus, and information on Health & Safety.


We support women and LGBTQ students and the idea that industrial work is genderless.

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