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CAR Hacking for "Adults"

This is an ANTI_FORMAL art car experience. We will cut and weld up an ancient Toyota truck. This is not a formal welding or fabrication course, This is peer to peer education with power tools in an egalitarian environment.

CAR Hacking for "Adults"
CAR Hacking for "Adults"

Time & Location

Click RSVP for times/dates/prices

Seattle, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA


About the Event

*Image shown is for inspiration only,  we do do SOMETHING LIKE this, with an old Toyota truck. 

Cost will be around $30-$50 per session.  All materials/gear/consumables included. 

Expect to learn some weld-fu, and a good bit about dealing with challenging welding applications. 

You should take MIG ONE, TWO, and THREE before taking this class. Not because you have to, but because you will be much more familiar with the process and the environment. 

Think of this class like this, you are paying a nominal amount to hang out and learn about:

Fixing dumb old internal combustion engines

Body and sheet metal work on cars

Cnc Plasma and laser cutting

OXY-fuel cutting.

GMAW and FCAW welding

Grinding, polishing, blending, cutting.

Painting and design. 

Drilling, riveting deburring.

This is kind of like an old world apprentiship where you work with an old timer that knows everything and learn in exchange for helping on a project. You are basically signing up to  help me, and support a project and learn along the way. 

We are an aggessively egalitarian environment. Everyone is welcome here, however, sadly, this is a class that is appropriate for adults as we are unlikely to obtain a pg rating.  

Class is drop in. You are not committed to attending every friday. 

This is not going to be a fast paced or formal thing, much more of the old school "pass your buddy wrenches" kind of feel. 

When the art car is "Completed" it will stay in Seattle. 


  • Respond if you are interested.

    By responding you are indicating interest, not committing. The class will be a mere $30 per session. You will help, learn, and hopefully meet some cool peeps.




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