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Hazard Factory

Geek out on Welding Machines

In this class we study and compare the uses of MIG, (GMAW, FCAW) with Stick (Arc or SMAW) and TIG (GTAW) all in one blisteringly quick session.

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 Geek out on Welding Machines
 Geek out on Welding Machines

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Hazard Factory, Hazard Factory LLC, 7th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA


About the Event

 In this class, “Geek-out on Welding Machines” We will  examine each machine and learn to read and understand the “nameplate” which allows you to evaluate and compare the capabilities of each machine.  We will discuss some beginning and intermediate MIG techniques and introduce, TIG and STICK welding. This builds on what we teach in the MIG welding intensive  while introducing Stick and TIG welding on mild steel.

Each type of welding has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Mig is a very easy to use process that is very fast, but it is difficult to produce very fine controlled welds and works poorly on some materials like Aluminum and bronze. Stick (SMAW) welding is very cheap, portable and versatile but works best on a heavy class of materials. TIG is extremely versatile, but it is a difficult process to master. It is also slow and expensive. TIG is the preferred method for welding aluminum. Knowing when and how to use each is an essential skill, and one that demonstrates competency.

The goal of the class is to teach you to identify and evaluate each type of machine, how to troubleshoot each process and how to select a piece of equipment for your operation. You will know what each machine is and does and have a sense of how to select, adjust and use each machine. You will learn the principles of conventional welding.  We also discuss electrical safety at length so that you will understand why welding is a safer practice than woodworking. Class is 60% hands on.



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