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Make a Thing. No experience required! $220

Please click "More info" to see available dates, times, projects and prices. Select a ticket for the date you wish to attend and buy a ticket for the project you wish to complete. This is a sculptural class. If you want to learn MIG welding, the Welding for Noobs class is better for that purpose.

Make a Thing. No experience required! $220
Make a Thing. No experience required! $220

Time & Location

Click RSVP for times/dates/prices

Seattle, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA


About the Event

Class runs from 1:30 to 4:30

In this class you will learn  basic mig welding. 

The purpose of the class is to put the tools in your hands very quickly, and show you how sculptural welding works, so that you leave with a completed project and an understanding of the process. 

This makes it a fun, accesible class, and a great one for kids/parent teams. The class price is per project, not per client. You can attend with a +1 at no additional charge. 

The purpose of this class is to get you started while also providing you with a project to take home. 

We offer a class called Mig welding for noobs if you want a more thorough introduction to MIG welding. 

You will also learn a bit about prepping metal, surfacing, grinding, and work holding. 

This is a basic class intended for beginners, and accessible to parent-kid teams. 

Please purchase the ticket for your class date, and project. We will prepare the project for you beforehand. These tickets may not be rescheduled.

These projects can be completed without any prior experiance at all. They are intended to be very, very simple and accessible. These classes are fun and project focused, rather than technical and deep.

Purchase a ticket for the DATE you wish to attend AND the PROJECT you want to complete. This allows us to prepare the correct quantity and type of project for class. 

The Make-a-thing classes allow you to select a project ranging from easy to advanced, and to complete it with whatever assistance you may require. 

The cost is per project.  We encourage you to bring along a kiddo (14+) or partner to help out.  Our helmets do not fit very young kids, 

Most projects can be completed easily in one session. You can puchase a drop in ticket to complete a work in progress.

Please review the pictures of the projects. Think of these as a kit. We may be doing a limited amount of grinding (with pedestal grinders or speed-regulated grinders) in class. 

Available projects will vary from time to time. 

Kits can be purchased seperately from class. We can ship welding kits upon request.  





  • M.A.T. 10/21/23 10 am -1 pm


    Select the project you want to work on during this session. Prices vary. Use the Gift.Cert.Res to redeem your gift certificate and reserve a spot. Class runs from 1:30 to five p.m.






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