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Metal with Minors

Young adults and adolescents are often interested in welding. We are willing to teach clients between the ages of 13-15 if they are accompanied by a parent. Kids 16 and up can attend most of our classes, including metal for noobs, so long as a parent signs a waiver on their behalf.

Metal with Minors
Metal with Minors

Time & Location

Please see tickets for times and dates

Seattle, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA

About the Event

This is an intro class intended for complete beginners. 

Welding is a great way to introduce the core concepts of electrical and mechanical engineering.  Welding is a safe, interesting and entertaining activity as well as a rewarding career path that is surprisingly unconstrained. 

In this class, parent kid-teams will learn core concepts in metal. About 20-30% of the class will be lecture, the bulk of the class will be spent hands-on. We will be using a variety of MIG machines running a GMAW process. 

We will discuss:

Welding safety,  How the helmets work, electrical safety, personal protective gear, how to not touch hot metal. 

MIG Machines; The basics of the welding process, Heat input, material input, shield gases.

Welding incorrectly; How NOT to weld, with demonstrations. 

Welding correctly; The importance of posture, helmet maintainence, voltage and wire feed settings, shield gas coverage, torch angle and distance to work, heat input, material input, travel speeds and torch angle. 

Having Fun with the machines; Tacking and welding, out of position welding.

We will supply a variety of scrap to practice on and work with. Clients are welcome to practice welding technique on 16 gauge hot rolled steel coupons and, or sculpt work up out of scrap. 

We can also supply a variety of kits for clients to work with. Given that this is a three hour class, we will advise which of the projects could reasonably be completed in the session.  Some of the more complex projects may require more time.

We will not be using angle grinders in this class.  We may use pedestal grinders and sanding equipment. 

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