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Your location or ours

Team building event, in house.

Hazard Factory has been providing engaging, productive team building events for clients since 2017. We have accumulated 108 exclusively five star reviews on google. We have developed a new Team building exercise that we can bring to our clients.

Team building event, in house.
Team building event, in house.

Time & Location

Please see tickets for times and dates

Your location or ours

About the Event

This team building exercise is based on manipulating a variety of remotely controlled devices through a series of escalating challenges. Participants meet and overcome challenges by co-operating, and communicating in unexpected ways. Successful teams will identify and solve problems, think outside the box, communicate effectively, identify and assign the strengths of each individual,  excercise mutual trust, and develop and implement ad hoc strategies. 

Every success will be met with a new challenge that is designed to test and develop the team. 

The first challenge is self assesment.  Individuals will be timed as they pilot an rc vehicle through a simple course. This will determine which of the particpants has experiance or natural ability with remote control equipment. 

The second challenge will pair two individuals together. One will operate the r/c while blindfolded. The second will direct the first through the same course. The two-person team with the lowest time is deemed the winner. 

In the third challenge, a second team of two will be added to the first. The four-person team will now conduct a relay race. The four person team that moves the most cargo to the goal in the alloted time is the victor.

In the fourth challenge, all the participants will be presented with the following scenario. Teams are tasked with two disparate goals, one being to move as much cargo to a target area as possible. However, opposing teams have the option of moving the cargo out of the target area of their opponents. Accordingly, teams must now decide how  to allocate resources strategically. Successful teams will quickly develop and implement a strategy to guide their efforts. Each team member will have an r/c. Not all of the r/c will have the same capabilities.   A team could opt for any number of strategies in an attempt to either put the most cargo in their target area, or deprive an opposing team of the same opportunity. 

In the fifth and final challenge, all teams will be tasked with getting cargo to a target area. However, multiple impediments will be introduced so that a successful team will meet several unexpected challenges, including communication issues and external interference, on the fly. 

Teams that can exercise trust, work co-operatively, develop and communicate strategies on the fly, evaluate success and failure adaptively, will be successful.

As with our previous team-building exercises, we will record and publicly post the scores of each team we work with. Teams will have the opportunity to compare their scores against other compaines that have conducted the excercise. 

This is a new excercise and we welcome any feedback you might have. 

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