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TIG TWO Tungsten Inert Gas Welding $260

Once you complete MIG ONE, TWO, and THREE, your brain will be much better at interpreting the arc and you will be familiar with fundamental welding concepts. This will make it substantially easier for you to learn TIG, which is more complex. This is the second class. Take TIG ONE first please.

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TIG TWO Tungsten Inert Gas Welding $260
TIG TWO Tungsten Inert Gas Welding $260

Time & Location

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Seattle, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA

About the Event

Class runs from 1:30 PM-4:30 PM

Tungsten inert gas is much more difficult and demanding than MIG (GMAW or FCAW) welding. In this three-hour class we learn how to operate TIG welding machines, ranging from hobbyist to light-industrial class machines.  

The bulk of the class will be spent operating the machines, this class builds on TIG ONE. We will be tig welding steel material in a variety of positions and dealing with welding problems like troubleshooting porosity, welding thick to thin, identifying electrode contamination, cleaning and prepping tungsten electrodes and welding thick materials to thinner as well as introducing some cool tips and tricks. 

About halfway into this session, we will demonstrate how to weld aluminum and walk you through the various issues you will face as you learn to weld aluminum with TIG machines. Welding Aluminum is substantially different from welding steel. Overall it is slower, more expensive, much more difficult and it requires better concentration and finer eye-hand co-ordination. Over many years, we have developed techniques that allow us to teach you to weld aluminum very, very quickly. We teach more beginners than any other instruction facility on the west coast. We will make the process as easy and accessible as it can be. 

It still requires patience and commitment, much like learning guitar it takes both knowing the theory and significant amounts of practice. 

We are going to chuck you in the deep end of the pool, but gently. 

We will perform fusion, butted, and flat welds in steel and aluminum. As always the class size is quite small and there will be plenty of time to answer questions. 

TIG equipment is more costly and has higher operating costs than MIG. 

Please dress warmly. See you soon.

Machines available: 

  • Miller Diversion 180
  • Esab Multiprocess 3 in 1
  • AHP alpha tig 200x
  • Lincoln 200 tig Square wave
  • Miller Synchrowave 300.

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