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TIG Welding, aka GTAW, gas tungsten arc welding. $160

This is a rapid intro to Tungsten inert Gas welding. Tig is the most precise form of welding, it is the process most frequently used for welding Aluminum. This is a hands-on class. Price is for one person, one class. 10 am-1 pm.

TIG  Welding, aka GTAW, gas tungsten arc welding. $160
TIG  Welding, aka GTAW, gas tungsten arc welding. $160

Time & Location

See tickets for times.

Seattle, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA


About the Event

TIG is not a good welding process to begin with. MIG is much easier to start with, mainly because until you have looked at an arc, a high intensity light source for ten or twenty hours, your brain cannot interpret or "see" the arc well. 

We will teach you regardless of your level of experience, it will be easier for you if your brain is acclimated to looking at an arc. 

Class size is a maximum of five people. 

We supply helmets, gloves, materials and consumables. You are welcome to bring your own machine in, with a regulator. We will supply welding gas. 

TIG is more dependent on a grasp of technical information than some of the other types of welding. 

  • We will discuss electrical safety.
  • Shop safety
  • Machine selection
  • AC versus DC
  • High Frequency
  • Square wave, triangular etc
  • Tungsten selection
  • Filler materials and base materials
  • The role of welding atmospheres. 
  • Every aspect of machine control and function: Pre-flow, start current, up slope, welding current, downslope, end current, post flow, spot timer, frequency, pulse and balance. 
  • Hand position distance speed and angle.
  • Good body mechanics.
  • Uv Hazards
  • Cleaning and prepping. 
  • identifying tungsten contamination
  • Setting and troubleshooting gas flow.

It is a good idea to take this class more than once.  We are offering you expert personalized instruction.

This is a self-paced class. 

Class is structured in a way that ensures you will be provided with new material, excercises and information each time you attend. 

We will start with steel but move you to Aluminum or other materials as soon as you like. 

It takes a while to absorb all the information and physically practicing with the help of an instructor is absolutely vital. 

This is not a particularly you-tube-able skill. Having expert instruction is the fastest way to develop this skill set. 

Here is a link to our reschedule policy. 

Available Machines:

(3) Everlast PowerTig 255EXT with water chillers, these are a very popular, full featured ac/dc Tig welding machine.

Lincoln 200 tig w pulse unit. ac/dc, the perfect mid range TIG machine.

Miller Diversion 180, comically simple ac/dc unit. The Golden Retriever of TIG machines.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


  • TIG 6/2/2024 10 am-1

    This is a TIG welding (GTAW) class. We will work with Mild Steel and Aluminum. Please wear a hoodie if possible. We provide everything required.

    Tax: +$16.40 WA tax



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