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Hazard Factory LLC

Make a Flower! 6pm to 8:30pm $120. Thursdays, No experience required.

Are you interested in metal working but don’t know where to start? Come to our “make a flower” class! This is a great introduction to multiple kinds of metal working such as MIG welding, cold-metal forming techniques, and general tool use. No experience required.

 Make a Flower!  6pm to 8:30pm $120. Thursdays, No experience required.
 Make a Flower!  6pm to 8:30pm $120. Thursdays, No experience required.

Time & Location

Click RSVP for times/dates/prices

Hazard Factory LLC, 7800 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, USA


About the Event

This class is great for beginners looking to get a little experience with multiple kinds of metal working. Addtionally each student will leave the class with a flower sculpture they've created. 

 In this 2.5 hour class you will be shown basic MIG (GMAW or wire-feed welding) techniques and cold-metal forming techniques that are useful in auto body repair, armor making, and for non-perishable bouquets. Basically we will show you how to cold smith metal, which is more or less beating on it, but it is actually a skill and one which can be practiced with great delicacy, or, you know, not.

Once you've got the basic skills down, we will provide you with variety of pre-cut pieces which you may fashion into a flower of any type. We will also provide some scrap if you want to color outside the lines.

You can make a rose, a poppy, a chrysanthemum, a Mt Shasta Daisy, an Aster, or a flower of your own creation that doubles as the worlds’ prettiest self defense tool.

This is a project oriented class, it is focused on specific techniques. Please select the "Welding for Noobs" if your goal is specifically to learn welding.

You are likely to be surprised by how easily and how well you can form metal with very simple tools.

This is a great class for kids. 

As always we ask that you wear shop appropriate footgear. No sneakers please. We provide all other materials and tools required for the class.


We provide all gear needed for welding, includes gloves and a welding helmet.

Dress as if you were outside. Wear long sleeves and pants that you don’t mind getting dirty. White is never in fashion here.

Clothing should be composed of natural fibers (cotton, wool, etc). Synthetic materials (nylon) have the potential to melt in dangerous ways.

You must wear shop appropriate shoes that have solid cotton or leather uppers. Work boots are preferred, but sneakers without nylon/synthetic tops are fine.

Bring a full water bottle, snacks (if you like), and a lunch for longer classes.


  • Flower 7/25/24 6 pm -8:30 pm

    Sale ends: Jul 31, 5:00 PM

    You may wish to bring water and a snack. Boots and a hoodie are advisable, sneakers are not.

    Tax: +$12.30 sales



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