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We teach a huge number of beginners how to weld. Often, our clients are looking for  a fun project to complete with a family member. This kit is made of 14 gauge mild steel.  This is an easy material to weld.  Any mig machine, running gas shielded or flux core will be able to weld this material.  It would be easy to TIG as well. An experienced stick welder would have no trouble with it either. 


The individual components can be snapped out of the sheet of mild steel and assembled into the dragon, shown in profile in the first picture. This is one of the most popular of the kits we assemble in our make-a-thing class. It can easily be done at home. A grinder or pedestal grinder would be helpful, but not necessary, to complete this project.


Final project is about 20 inches tall and may be wall mounted. 

Project will ship, (five days ground)  within 30 days or purchase. 


Dragon Kit

  • This is a Dragon Kit cut into a 24 by 24 inch sheet of cold rolled mild steel. 

    The pieces can be removed by bending them until the small tab that keeps them in the sheet tears off. 

    It takes about three to four hours for most clients to complete the project. 

    This is a good beginners welding project. It is a popular choice in our parent-kid classes.

    You will need welding equipment to complete this project. 



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